Can dad sleep at the maternity ward?

Can dad sleep at the maternity ward?

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"After giving birth, does daddy have the right to stay in the maternity ward with mom and baby, depending on the facility, can you tell me?" Myriam Gros, midwife, answer Lila's question.

The answer of Myriam Gros, midwife at the maternity hospital Le Leman, in Thonon-les-Bains

  • "In many institutions, the father's bedtime is conditioned by a particular situation related to the mother or child (important pathology, for example) and remains impossible when there is no medical reason. But every maternity has its operation.
  • More and more services of diaper suites open their doors to the father at night to help the mother who is often very tired after giving birth. At the maternity of Lake Geneva, where I work, fathers can not stay more than two nights, because of a limited number of extra beds and so that all can enjoy. For the same reasons, the number of fathers present in the service at night is limited to six.
  • Finally, we must know that to stay at the maternity, it is necessary that the mother is in room alone, which is often paying, about 20 €, in addition to breakfast and meals. "

The mothers' point of view

  • "Yes, it depends on the maternity homes, there are often extra beds for dads who live far away and for whom it is difficult to go home, but in general, fathers are advised to go home to sleep. to rest, which is almost impossible to motherhood with the noise in the corridors and passages in the room.I know that it is not always easy to be without his companion, but he can probably stay Maternity with you quite late at night and come back early in the morning. " Cindy
  • "When I gave birth, Dad stayed at the maternity ward for four nights, on a mattress on the floor, because there were only three beds of companions who were all taken in. For that, we had to make a In the end, it helped me a lot and he was happy to be with us too. " Amel

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