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Christmas of Leon the chameleon

Christmas of Leon the chameleon

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- Leon! Where are you, my grand? "" There, under your eyes, mamma. of course, the banana leaf in front of me! I did not see you! "" I know ... "Leon the little chameleon heaved a sigh that was lost in the depths of the forest.

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  • Not to be seen, it was his strength since he escaped those who might have wanted him bad, but it was also his weakness because sometimes, even small, we want to be seen. Leon was very good at melting into the decor, his body defending.
  • Ah! if Leon the chameleon could be seen from Leone the cameleone! The first time he had met her at the edge of the river and her heart then beat the drum as she was walking in a field of flowers that turned into a bouquet.
  • He had gone on his way, holding his breath, but she had passed by without noticing. He had not dared to speak to her, for fear of frightening her, and had returned, heavy-hearted.
  • Then he had tried several times to approach it, but without success. Sometimes he was near her, nearby, but she saw only a gray stone, or a green leaf, or a red ground. He was still silent.
  • How would she have reacted if a gray stone had told her that she was pretty, if a green branch had told her she was beautiful, if a piece of red soil had told her he loved her?

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