The bowling game

The bowling game

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "The essentials of: 71 games for out and in", sold with the June issue of. Today, bowling!

  • A perfect game on the beach, but also in the garden (just get some sand). Make five pies together, the bowling pins, in damp sand: four in square and one in front. In turn, with a tennis ball, each child must aim at the bowling pins. And crush them!
  • Children can play separately (rebuild bowling for each player) or together, trying to crush them in less than six shots.

A bowling game for the garden

  • Gather 5 or 6 plastic bottles. Wash them with your children. Once dry, show them how to fill them with rice or sand. Be careful not to overfill them, otherwise they will not be able to make them fall.
  • The children then prepare for each bottle a different drawing and a number of written points, which they will stick on. The idea is to have a bottle that is worth 1 point, another 2 points and so on.
  • When it's over, sit in the garden on a flat surface. Place the pins, the children have only to try to make them fall with a ball. The winning child is the one with the most points.
  • You can make several innings, to make the game last.

Stéphanie Letellier

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