The train cake

Chu, choo ... on the way to an incredible birthday snack with this cake train that will carry pleasure to your young greedy. In addition, it's easy! A video recipe proposed by Anne-Sophie and Aurélie.


For the grass

  • 125 g grated coconut
  • 1 green gel dye
  • 50 g white sugar paste

For the train

  • 6 rolls of licorice to unroll
  • 1 box of Mini-Fingers
  • 6 individual Neapolitans Classic
  • 4 individual Neapolitans of a different color than Classics
  • 20 g of white chocolate
  • 1 box of Smarties
  • 4 tubes of Haribo Roulette
  • 1 Russian cigarette
  • 4 marshmallows
  • 1 box of Mikados


Prepare the grass

  • Dilute the green dye in a little water to get about 4 teaspoons of green water. Pour the green water into a freezer bag. Add the coconut, close the bag and mix well to color the whole coconut.
  • Add some colored water if needed. Cut some flowers into white sugar dough using an ejector punch. Sprinkle the grass on a tray or serving plate.

Make the train

  • Draw rails with loose licorice threads and lay over mini-fingers. Then put the Neapolitans on the rails alternating colors. Connect the wagons together with Mikado pieces.
  • Train the locomotive by adding a half Neapolitan over it and a Russian cigarette for the fireplace.
  • Glue Roulette Haribos, with melted chocolate, around the Neapolitans to form the wheels. Also stick some Smarties on some cars if you wish. Finally, put some marshmallows on the bent straw.
  • Cut the straw up to the chimney and insert it into the Russian cigarette. Admire and devour! Have a nice trip…