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The Cesu: what is it?

The Cesu: what is it?

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Childcare, housework, tutoring ... Engage someone is good, but all these formalities ... what a chore! The universal service paycheque or Cesu is a device that simplifies the administrative procedures for the employer.

Cesu, how does it work?

The universal service employment check is a payment method accessible to private employers. It makes it easier for them to use family services, such as home and out-of-home childcare, home schooling, and daily living services, such as housekeeping.

  • There are 2 types of Cesu:
  • The declarative Cesu which is in the form of a checkbook with specific coupons, the social components, to be returned to a dedicated organization, the Cncesu (national center of employment check universal service) to allow the calculation of contributions, issue pay slips ... It can only be used to pay the remuneration of an employee employed directly at home. It does not allow for the payment of fees for crèches, day-care centers, kindergartens or maternal assistant fees, as well as home-care expenses for children under 6 who are dependent on another child. diet: pajemploi.
  • The pre-financed Cesu: it is a payment ticket with a predefined amount. Like a restaurant check. It is financed in whole or in part by a public or private company, a works council, a mutual society, a pension fund, a local authority. It makes it possible to pay for childcare outside the home provided by an approved maternal assistant, a reception center (nursery, nursery, kindergarten), a day care center.

The benefits of Cesu

  • With the Cesu, the constraints of the declaration of employment, the pay slip, the calculation of contributions ... all is lightened. It's a simple way to declare and pay your employee live.
  • This device offers the employer both a facility of adhesion (directly on, with his bank or his Urssaf), as well as the simplicity of use (a single declaration and a single deduction for all compulsory social security contributions, which will be deducted directly from the employer's bank account).
  • The Cesu offers reliability for both the employer (it calculates the social security contributions) as well as for the employee (the Cncesu delivers him directly his certificate of employment) which is thus certain to be well declared. Cncesu also deals with his rights to retirement, social security and unemployment.
  • Specifically, at the end of each month the employer has only to check the net salary to his employee and send back to Cncesu, the social component either by mail or Internet.
  • In addition, the Cesu entitles the employer to a tax advantage which can take the form of a reduction or a tax credit of up to half of the sums paid (wages + social contributions) up to a ceiling of 12 000 € (ie a tax advantage of 6 000 € per year). This ceiling may be increased to € 15,000 (ie a tax benefit of € 7,500 per year), at the rate of € 1,500 additional for each dependent child.

More info on or 3211, the number of the National Agency for Human Services

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