Water, it flows from source!

Water, it flows from source!

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Water, the only essential drink for the body, moisturizes, but also carries minerals (calcium, magnesium, fluorine). During your pregnancy, your water needs are more important for you and your future baby. So drink ... without moderation!

Water, essential for the fetus

It is at the level of the placenta, through the umbilical vein, that the water joins the blood circulation of the fetus. Water is very important for your future baby

  • It provides water which he needs.
  • She participates in the constitution and the renewal of the amniotic fluid, which plays a fundamental role in its development and constitutes a triple barrier: mechanical, thermal and anti-infectious.
  • It facilitates exchanges between your body and your future baby

Water plays a preventive role during your pregnancy

Good hydration prevents some small "pains" of pregnancy:

  • It limits the risks of cystitis (urinary tract infection), risk factor for prematurity.
  • It helps fight against constipation.
  • She brings calcium if there is a deficiency.

The different waters

Choose a water of pure quality, to hydrate enough throughout the pregnancy, that is to say between 1.5 and 2 liters per day.

Tap water

The cheapest and most controlled, but its quality remains variable:

  • Ask your doctor for advice if you have a doubt about its nitrate levels.
  • Run the water for a few minutes before consuming it.
  • Keep the water in the fridge maximum 24 hours in a clean, covered container.
  • Clean the containers after each use.

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