Name Hamoud - Meaning of the Name

Name Hamoud - Meaning of the Name

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Meaning of the name:

Hamoud is a male given name of Arab origin. Hamoud refers to "a being who is at once handsome, good and generous".


No Hamoud known to this day, perhaps your little prince will be?

His character :

Curious and cultured, Hamoud is intelligent. Charming and reassuring, this little prince inspires a confidence of which he shows himself worthy of all tests. Hamoud appreciates the simple pleasures of life. For him, happiness is more a journey than a destination and it succeeds! School side, Hamoud is concrete and practical. His pragmatism will be a powerful ferment for his academic success. Boosted by a great confidence in himself, Hamoud will shine in class and he will even take pleasure in impressing those around him. A bit sentimental, Hamoud places a lot of importance on his friends and family. Loyalty, love and friendship are essential to him, dominating his system of values.


Hamoudou, Hamod, Hamoudine and Hamud are all variants of the name Hamoud.

His party :

The Hamoud festival remains undetermined until today.

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