Hama Meaning - Origin and Names

Hama Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Japanese

Meaning of the name:

In Japan, "hama" means "beach", "coastline" or sometimes "sincerely".
In the Arab world, the name "Hama" refers to a Syrian city located on the banks of the Orontes River. The name of the city, "Hama" or "Ḥamāh", comes from the term "hamāth" meaning "fortress".


There is no celebrity with the name "Hama".
On the other hand, "Hama" is widely used as a surname in Japan and in the Arab world, including: Japanese actresses Mie Hama and Chisaki Hama, pianist Rinko Hama, retired Japanese volleyball player Keiko Hama and French singer Soraya Hama .

His character :

Through her atypical turn of mind and her surprising behavior, Hama stands out as the woman of character par excellence. His strong personality is evident among others in his combative, ambitious, impatient and tyrannical side. It has dynamism to spare and rarely holds up. He needs continuous physical activity to channel his over-energy and satisfy his aggressive impulses. Although she is very frank and somewhat incisive, Hama is a loyal friend particularly attached to her relatives. She can make great sacrifices to help those around her. It is sometimes proud, but it has the moral and physical resources necessary to carry out all its grandiose projects. Moreover, with her determination bordering on obstinacy, she proves to be able to deploy considerable effort over an impressive period.
In spite of her false airs, Hama is an anguished woman with a tender heart. She excels in the art of hiding her vulnerability. Indeed, her feelings bubble inside her, but she manages most often to control them to face the difficulties of life. However, this attitude makes her particularly vulnerable to serious emotional problems. Therefore, the parents of the little Hama must constantly evaluate her emotional balance. Although she looks strong, she remains vulnerable and nothing can hurt her deeply. We must also be careful not to expose her to emotional shocks that may mark her for life during her childhood.


Hamako, Hamath and Hammeh.

His party :

Hama does not enjoy any holiday.

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