Gualtiero Meaning - Origin and Names

Gualtiero Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Germanic, Italian

Meaning of the name:

The first name Gualtiero comes from english Waldan meaning "to govern" and her meaning "army". It can be translated as "commander of the army".


The Italian writer Gualtiero Schiaffino, the Italian painter Guatiero Padovano, the Italian writer Gualtiro Ciola (1925-2000), the Italian archbishop Gualtiero Offamilio (12th century-1190), the former Italian footballer Gualtiero Hail, the Italian chef Gualtiero Marchesi, the Italian historian Gualtiero Laeng (1888-1968), the Italian filmmaker Gualtiero Tumiati (1876-1971), the Italian journalist Gualtiero Jacopetti (1919-2001), the Italian actor Gualitiero De Angelis (1899-1980), the Italian painter Gualtiero Nativi (1921-1999), the Italian linguist Gualtiero Calboli, the American lyric artist Gualtiero Negrini, the Italian painter Gualtiero Dell'Arzere (1510-1552), the historical leader of the Italian radicals Gualtiero Vecellio, the Italian bishops Gualtiero Bassetti and Gualtiero Sigismondi.

His character :

Gualtiero always acts in such a way as to set a good example to those around him. Concerned about his well-being and that of others, he wants to be present and help as much as he can. With his family, loved ones are one of his main motivators, pushing him to excel himself. When performing the tasks that are incumbent upon him, he does his best to give the best of himself. Appreciating order and organization, he acts with meticulousness. Admired for his courage as well as his strength of character, Gualtiero is sympathetic to all and easily attracts the affection of others thanks to his character as well as his kind nature.


Gualtero, Walter, Gualtieri, Gauthier, Gautier, Gualter and Tiero.

His party :

The Gualtiero are in the spotlight on 9 April.

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