Name Emrick - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Emrick comes from the Germanic words "heim" and "rick" which mean "house" and "mighty king".


Emeric Hadju is a French animated film producer, Emeric Crucé is a French political writer, ...

Emeric of Hungary is the son of Saint Stephen and Saint Gisele. From an early age, he leads a life full of generosity and nobility: he frequently visits the monasteries and gives advice and encouragement. He died, it is said, during a hunting party. He and his parents will be canonized by Pope VII.

His character :

Emrick is a calm and thoughtful boy. He likes to win and is what you call a born leader. He likes to take responsibility and do the tasks that are expected of him. He also likes very concise plans and precise steps. Emrick has a real gift for organizing, whether alone or in a team. Independent and critical, he is sometimes a little too determined in what he does. Indeed, he does not hesitate to make concessions to get what he wants. Nevertheless, he will avoid hurting others.


Emeric, Emerick, Emeryck, Emeryck, Emmerick, Emmeric, Hemerick, Emeryk, Hemeric, Emerique, Aymerick, Vespucci

His party :

The Emricks have their party on November 4th.

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