Name Emanuela - Meaning and origin

Name Emanuela - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Spanish, Hebrew, Italian

Meaning of the name:

From Hebrew immanouelEmanuela means "God is with us".


Swiss tenniswoman Emanuela Zardo, Italian literary and essayist Emanuela Abbadessa, Italian historian Emanuela Guidoboni, Italian judoka Emanuela Pierantozzi, Brazilian model Emanuela de Paula, Croatian basketball player Emanuela Salopek ...

In the Old Testament, Emmanuel is the name used by the prophet Isaiah to designate the Messiah who will be born of a virgin. Today, Christians use it as a reminder of the earthly birth of Jesus Christ.

His character :

The dynamism and cheerfulness of Emanuela make her a true source of inspiration for those around her. It is distinguished by its provocative and daring side. She is not one to be content with the second role. She wants to be respected and does not hesitate to let it know to her peers.

Certainly, she behaves like a rebel, but Emanuela knows its limits. With many qualities of heart, it is pleasant to rub shoulders. She is at once kind, sympathetic, generous and sincere.


Emmanuelle, Emmanuella, Emmanuela, Emanuella, Emanuele, Emanuelle, Emmannuelle, Emmanuele ...

His party :

People named Emanuela are honored on December 25th.

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