Elza Name - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:

Short, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Diminutive of Elizabeth, Elza comes from Hebrew elîsaba meaning "God is fullness".


No Elza known until now, your little marvel will be perhaps?

Elza's patron saint is Elisabeth of Thuringia, Princess of Hungary (1211 to 1228), who dedicated her life and money to the poor

His character :

Elza is energetic and enjoys a natural ascendancy on his entourage and his comrades in particular. This presence is further strengthened by its strong persuasive power. Aware of this quality, Elza develops a certain taste for power and command. Independent by nature, Elza likes to preserve her secret garden. A reservation that does not in any way affect his sociability. Thoughtful and intelligent, Elza will know early on that life is far from being a fairy tale. This will not prevent him from taking pleasure in every phase of his life. Endowed with an analytical intelligence, Elza is meticulous and appreciates the job well done. A wise and responsible child, Elza is strongly attached to her family.


Elsah, Elsa, Elisabeth, Elysa and Elysah are so many variants of the name Elsa.

His party :

Elsa is celebrated every November 17th.

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