Name Eitan - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Eitan comes from the Hebrew word Etân which means "strong", "robust" or "impetuous". Literally, this name means a tall and imposing character.


Famous celebrities include Israeli musician Eitan Reiter and Israeli international footballer Eitan Tibi.

His character :

At first sight, we notice Eitan for his enthusiasm and his communicative side. Dynamic and endowed with a great sense of listening, this little guy seems much smarter and more mature than his age. With a strong competitive spirit, Eitan particularly likes to be the leader or captain of a team. Appreciated by his generosity and his frankness, he knows perfectly how to make himself indispensable. He also enjoys participating in adult conversations and getting informed. Creative and curious about everything, he is a born inventor and a full-time adventurer. In the playground, he is often the initiator of the games and impresses his classmates, as well as adults with his boundless imagination. Without being capricious or vain, Eitan likes the marks of affection and interest.


Ethan, Seitan, Ethan, Eutanasie, Nathan, Etanie and Eytan are variants of the first name Eitan.

His party :

Eitan is celebrated on March 7, Saint Nathan's Day. The latter was a prophet of the Old Testament, sent to King David to become his adviser.

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