Name Effie - Meaning of origin

Name Effie - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Most often, "Effie" is considered a diminutive of the Greek first name "Euphemia". Following this logic, "Effie" can be used as a diminutive for any given name with a consonance close to "Euphemia", such as "Efigénia" or "Efimia".
Traditionally, girls born on a Wednesday are named "Effie" in Ghana. The origin of this term or this practice fanti remains unknown.


Euphemia "Effie" Ellsler (1855-1942), American actress discovered on Broadway and gradually converted to cinema.
Australian flutist with promising career Effie Hamilton.
When it is not a contraction, the first name "Effie" is mostly found in fictional worlds such as the saga "Hunger Games" (Effie Trinket) or the musical "Dreamgirls" (Effie White).

His character :

At first sight, Effie seems calm and almost stoic. Yet behind this placid mask hides a nervous and anxious person. This complex and original woman also tends to be a little too cerebral. Very curious, she has a sharp analytical mind and an implacable critical sense leading to a certain form of skepticism. Because of her extraordinary intellectual abilities, Effie has a rather destabilizing sense of humor and tends to be marginalized.

Although she has an aversion to routine and constraints, she paradoxically looks for stability, comfort and security. Little Effie's parents will have to help her find a balance between her contradictory impulses. In addition, it will encourage him to develop his sociability from an early age to prevent him from claiming his blatant difference with others and to indulge in his loneliness.


Euphemia, Euphemia, Efimia, Efigénia, Effea and Effee.

His party :

People named "Effie" are honored on December 8th.

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