Name Edgar - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Male name of Germanic origin, Edgard consists of "ed" which means "good", "wealth" and "gari" which means "spades", "spear".


Jean Louis Edgar Quinet, French writer, historian and politician, Edgar Morin, his real name Edgar Nahoum, philosopher and sociologist of French origin, Edgar Allan Poe playwright, novelist, American poet, Edgar Wright, actor, screenwriter and director British origin, Edgar Davis, footballer of Dutch origin.
St. Edgar the Pacific, King of England in the tenth century fought against paganism and restored order and peace in his country.

His character :

Edgard is an intelligent man, in love with careful and rigorous observation. Professionally, he always gives the best of himself and always makes sure to avoid any competition. He remains attentive to the quality of his work or that of the team under his authority. Always attentive and on the lookout for the slightest imperfection, Edgar is destined for a position of leader. To these qualities is added a sympathetic character, communicative, sociable, extrovert, pleasant and smiling.


Edgard, Ogé, Auger, Ogier

His party :

Edgard is celebrated on July 08th.

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