Name Eddy - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Eddy is a diminutive of the first name Édouard. It is derived from the Germanic terms ead and weard meaning respectively "good" or "wealth" and "guardian". Since the end of the 19th century, it has become a full name in English-speaking countries.


Eddy Grant, born Edmond, is an English reggae singer of Guyanese origin.
Eddy Mitchell, whose real name is Claude Moine, is a singer, lyricist and actor of French origin.

His character :

Sociable, generous and with a great sense of solidarity, Eddy is always ready to help and serve his loved ones. He hates attacking people who are weaker than himself and does not hesitate to take their defense if necessary.
He is also distinguished by his leadership qualities, his analytical skills and his quick wit. Eddy is also ambitious, persistent and responsible, who takes the time to plan ahead and anticipate everything to make sure his projects are completed.
Eddy is an optimistic and sincere person, who is not afraid to express his feelings and impose his ideas.


Eddi, Edhy, Edy, Eddi, Hedi and Heddy.

His party :

The Eddy are celebrated on January 5 in honor of St. Edward the Confessor. He is an English king recognized and respected for his dedication and struggle to defend human rights.

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