Name Dulcie - Meaning of the Name

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from the feminine form of "dulcis" ("dulcia") meaning "sweet", "Dulcie" is commonly translated as "sweet". Very popular in Latin languages, this feminine given name has many derivatives.


Dulcie Evonne September, the famous South African anti-apartheid politician and activist.
British actress and singer Dulcie Gray (1915-2011).
Dulcie Huston, American art agent and incidentally actress.

His character :

Dulcie presents herself most often as an expressive woman with a complex personality. Indeed, his atypical temperament leads him to move from one emotion to another in a very short time. She also displays contradictory behaviors quite disconcerting for those around her. In public, this emotional woman seems determined, haughty, authoritarian, independent, courageous and shows remarkable initiative. However, her great sensitivity remains her greatest weakness though she has learned to hide her behind an almost convincing trompe l'oeil. In reality, Dulcie takes refuge behind this icy and austere facade to avoid being hurt.

Slightly egocentric, Dulcie is sometimes proud and overflowing with arrogance in society. Nevertheless, this woman of heart proves more than reliable when the situation requires it. In spite of her temperament, which is quite difficult to manage, her family especially appreciate her dedication during her good days. At the first meeting, this multi-faceted woman is hard to pin down. Indeed, she is at once selfish and altruistic, strong and fragile, individualistic and supportive. As a child, little Dulcie already manifests this paradoxical side of her character. As parents, you will have to instill in him the value of the other, of the property as well as the importance of caring while encouraging his self-reliance. In this way, she will be able to be devoted and supportive, without ceasing to worry about her own person.


Dulcia, Dulcea, Dulci, Dulce, Delcina, Dulciana, Delcine, Delsine and Dulcibella.

His party :

The Dulcie are celebrated on September 1st.

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