Name Désiré - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

From Latin desideratus, "desired, desired".
This name was also given to newborns by parents who wanted to prove that the child was wanted and not an accident.


The 3rd President of the French Republic, Désiré Ferry (1886-1940), the French politician and writer Désiré Nisard (1806-1888), Désirée Clary (1818-1844) who was queen consort of Norway, more contemporary the Dutch photographer Desiree Dolron.

It is also a famous name for the play of Sacha Guitry, Désiré.

Desire has as patron saint a bishop of Bourges who organized the formation of the clergy under the reigns of Clotaire and Childebert in the fifth and sixth centuries.

His character :

Désiré is an exceptional being. very fine, he does not do in the half-measure and prefers to push things to the extreme. Very charismatic too, he can make a mark on the world. He is a disinterested boy who does not follow the standards set by society. At once intellectual and spiritual, he always tries to surpass himself.


Désirée, Désirat, Didier, Desiree

His party :

Les Désiré are celebrated on May 8th.

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