Name Doryane - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Doryane is a feminine given name of Greek origin.

Doryane is the diminutive of Theodore. It comes from the terms Greek theos and doron meaning respectively "god" and "gift".

The Doryanes are thus considered to be a "gift from God".


No Doryane known to this day, perhaps your treasure will be?

Doryane has for patron saint Theodore. He is a soldier of Maximilian in the fourth century. He was incriminated for converting to Christianity. Refusing to apostatize to the end, he was shredded by iron combs and thrown into the fire. He later became Saint Theodore, patron of the military. His worship spread in East and West from the fifth century.

His character :

Characteristic and emotional, Doryane is not naturally docile. It remains endearing because of its spontaneity and intelligence. Doryane is adventurous, independent and proud. She will dare to try new experiences for one purpose, to grow up very fast! Dynamic, Doryane embodies a future woman of action from the height of her youth. Passionate, her will depends on what she likes. Intuitive and endowed with a remarkable relational sense, Doryane is also very sensitive.


Doriane, Dorianne, Doryanne, Doryan and Doryann are all variants of Doryane.

His party :

Doryane is celebrated on November 9, in honor of Theodore.

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