Name Dorienne - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The Dorian name refers to the name of an ethnic group that would have lived on the island of Crete at the time of Ancient Greece. These people stood out for the originality of their culture and way of life.


Dorienne Robinson is an inveterate advocate for vegetarians and vegans.
The sculptor Dorienne Carmel manufactures decorative and original objects with ceramics and bronze.
Dorienne Harel is the co-founder of Melbourne-based Harel and Grove Architects.

His character :

Dorienne gives off a certain magnetism that often attracts the eye. Ambitious, energetic and charismatic, she has all the necessary qualities to become a great political leader. The courage and determination that characterize her often arouse the admiration and respect of those around her.
Dorienne is a being who breathes joy and who loves life. An active and very clever woman, she is not one of those who will put off until tomorrow what they can do the same day. Often impatient, she tends to rush people and things so that they can keep up. This trait is often a source of conflict between her and her colleagues. Nevertheless, she knows how to recognize her mistakes and assumes the consequences.
This adventurous soul will lead a life of the most animated. She will travel and discover other cultures while leaving a horde of passionate lovers on her way. One day, she will find the man who will change her life and become a devoted wife.


Dorianne, Doriane and Dorienne.

His party :

Dorienne and its derivatives are in the spotlight on the 25th day of October.

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