Name Doreen - Meaning of the origin

Origin of first name:

Celts, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Very common in English-speaking countries, the female name "Doreen" comes from the association of the Greek "Dora" ("doron") meaning "gift" or "gift" to the diminutive suffix "-een". In Celtic and Irish, this suffix resembles the "-ette" of the French language.
"Doreen" therefore means "little gift", "cute little gift" or any other emotional wording that can be associated with "gift" / "gift".


Doreen Gamboa Fernandez, famous food critic of Filipino origin.
Canadian athlete Dorreen McCannell Botterill, visible at the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame. She competed in speed skating events at the 1964 and 1962 Olympic Winter Games.
Doreen Virtue, author and American lecturer advocating a form of atypical psychology largely inspired by New Age theories.

His character :

Impulsive and reckless, Doreen is particularly noted through an original lifestyle and a history littered with accidents of course. This curious and quick-witted woman is often won over by rush. Continually attracted by adventure and the unknown, this intrepid tends to try everything for all in difficult situations, without worrying about his own well-being. Although she is particularly intelligent, Doreen's carelessness and thirst for independence often leads her to move away from any form of reasonable behavior. Nevertheless, this woman brimming with life illuminates his entourage in everyday life and quickly manages to transmit their enthusiasm.

Endowed with an impressive ability of adaptation and a sense of humor of great finesse, Doreen integrates easily into a group and systematically imposes itself in society. His twirling spirit leads him to touch everything, without going to the end of things and even less finish a project started. Determination is certainly not his strong point. As parents, your role will be to teach little Doreen patience, perseverance and prudence. You will also need to help her find an effective technique for focusing despite her tendency to scatter due to her particularly keen intellect.


Dorene, Dorine, Doreyn, Doryne and Dorreen.

His party :

The Doreen are spoiled because they have two days of celebration in the year, namely November 9 and February 6.

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