Name Doran - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Celts, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

The name Doran comes from the Greek "theos" which means god and "doron", the gift. It derives from the evolution of an Irish family name from O Deoradháin, that is, descendant of Deoradhán.


Doran Martell is a character from the "Game Of Thrones" saga, master of the Martell house.
Doran Danoff is an Indian rocker from Los Angeles, California.
Doran Grant is an American football player.

His character :

Doran is a generally proud person who has a lot of ambition in life. He likes to assume the role of the leader by using his natural authority. This name is indeed associated with the number 1, which explains the attachment of Doran to the first place. Guided by his courage, he is a person who overflows energy and does not shirk his responsibilities. This trait of his character leads him to be enterprising and very invested in what he does. He likes to live in society and above all seeks conviviality.


Doryan, Doriann, Dora, Dorio, Donio, Jordan, Jordan, Yohan, Yoann and Donnat.

His party :

The Doran are celebrated on November 9th.

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