Donya Meaning - Origin and Names

Origin of first name:

Arabs, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Donya derives from the Latin "Donatus". This name full of vitality refers to what belongs to the lord and wealth in Arabic.


Donya Florentino, American photographer, known for her numerous collaborations with well-known US film figures.
Donia Samir Ghanem, Egyptian actress, wife of Ramy Radwan.

Donya is also the title of an Iranian drama film released in 2003. This love film was directed by Manouchehr Mossayeri.

His character :

Donya stands out with a dynamic temperament. This woman is both warm, friendly and welcoming. His joie de vivre is immense, which leads him to take an interest in everything that happens around his life. It relies in particular on its great capacity for analysis to progress. However, Donya remains a reserved person who refrains from engaging entirely for fear of injury. On a daily basis, her great will often leads her to be authoritarian to make sure that everything happens exactly as she wishes. These few points do not detract from his open-mindedness. Thus on the professional level, Donya opts preferably for trades which privilege the communication like the commercial field, the teaching, the animation, etc.


Donie, Dony, Doxie, Doxie, Dodie, Doniela, Debbora and Donia.

His party :

The Donya are celebrated on August 8th.

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