Name Donatienne - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

The name Donatienne originates from the Latin "donatus" which can be translated as "given". His male version is Donatien. It is a name little used in France.


The philosopher Donatien Alphonse François de Sade, the writer Victor-Donatien of Musset-Pathay, the musician Donatien Laurent, the marshal of France Jean-Baptiste-Donatien of Vimeur de Rochambeau or the professional rider Donatien Schauly.

Donatien and Rogatien of Nantes are two young Christian martyrs executed under the reign of Emperor Maximian. Refusing to apostatize their new faith, they were tortured by the imperial prefect. They spent their last night together praying. They were finally pierced with a lance and decapitated. They are the patron saints of Nantes.

His character :

Donatienne is a calm and reserved person. However, this aspect of her personality quickly fades away once she gets used to someone. Donatienne is a shy child. It is this last trait of personality that makes her a particularly endearing person. It will be appreciated for its soothing presence and sincerity. Donatienne hides in fact a great inner strength and convictions foolproof. She also attaches great importance to her family. One of his goals will be to make his people happy.



His party :

The Donatienne are celebrated on May 24th.

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