Name Djani - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Arabs, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Djani is a male given name of Hebraic origin. This is a male counterpart of the female first name Djanna.
However, other linguistic sources attribute to it an Arab ancestry.
Of his Jewish origin, Djani is derived from Yehohanan meaning "God forgive".
From its Arabic origin, Djani is inspired by Djanna meaning "paradise garden".


No Djani known until now, perhaps your little prince will be?

His character :

Bursting with energy, Djani exudes good humor. He thus distils a contagious joie de vivre by his mere presence. Confident and optimistic, Djani always favors the good side of things. Characterized by an infallible determination and unswerving courage, this valiant prince will give himself the means to make a success of his life. Born leader, Djani can even be slightly authoritarian, without falling into despotism. Bold and passionate about adventure, he knows how to take risks without being burdened with difficulties.

Loving to please his entourage, Djani is also endowed with a natural charm. Cute from an early age, he will be concerned about his appearance and will emulate in the playground. It will be difficult to resist his smile and his warm side. Altruist, Djani is totally devoted to his surroundings. He will be supportive, generous and attentive to those who require it. Always ready to serve, Djani puts compassion in the spotlight, and is protective and very attached to his family.


Djany, Djanni, Djannih and Djahni.

His party :

Djani and Djanna are jointly celebrated on May 30th.

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