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Meaning of the name:

In Louisiana, the term "dixie" is commonly considered a derivative of the French "dix". Thus, the tenth child of a sibling is most often called "Dixie".
Due to the widespread use of the word "dixie" in Cajun daily life, New Orleans and its environs are called "Dixieland" by their neighbors. Currently, the term "dixie" includes everything that comes from the southern states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama ...).
The English word "dixie" also translates as "Fort".


American actress Dixie Carter (1939-2010).
Dixie Lee (1911-1952) is the stage name adopted by American actress, dancer and singer Wilma Winifried Wyatt.
The American businesswoman Dixie Carter Salinas, president of the wrestling federation TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling).

His character :

Proud, strong, imperturbable and sometimes haughty, Dixie seems mostly inaccessible. This reserved woman also takes a great distance from her fellows. However, his rather tough temperament allows him to impose himself immediately in society. Rather introverted, she tends to fall back on herself to avoid direct confrontation with reality. On the other hand, her disproportionate esteem for herself and her unhealthy perfectionism inexorably condemn her to face ever-disappointing results. Indeed, no matter the conjuncture or the difficulties encountered on its way, the real life is never at the height of its aspirations and its ego.

To protect herself from the repercussions of her course guided by imprudence, Dixie tends to plunge body and soul into introspection or daydreams. However, this outlet of fortune can not long fill this woman sensitive, emotional, meticulous and particularly inspired. Although she flee all forms of confrontation, Dixie is paradoxically independent and determined. Thus, as a parent, it is your job to encourage them to develop their strengths while making sure to manage their incisive temperament. Indeed, this girl is having trouble communicating because of her frankness and lack of tact. Moreover, she is too often tempted by procrastination. You will have to transform this rough, lazy diamond into a charming, sociable, relatively flexible and disciplined person.


Dix and Dixee.

His party :

There is no day dedicated to the Dixies in the calendar.

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