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Meaning of the name:

The name Diogenes comes from the Greek word "diogenes" translating as "born of divinity".


Diogenes Laertius was a poet, doxographer and biographer from the early 3rd century AD.
The ancient Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope, also known as the cynical Diogenes, is best known as a representative of the cynical school.
Oenoanda Diogenes is a Greek epicurean of the 2nd century having engraved a summary of the Epicurean philosophy on a portico wall in the ancient city of Oenanda in Lycia.
Diogène Maillart was a history painter, portrait painter, illustrator for major Parisian publishing houses, art critic and historian of French art.
Diogenes of Arras or Saint Diogenes was sent to Gaul by Pope Sirice at the end of the 4th century when he was consecrated bishop. He was martyred by the Vandals in the 5th century.

His character :

Diogenes is a rather strange character and difficult to define. Indeed, it has two facets very different from each other. The first is adventurous, free and excessive, while the second is thoughtful, reserved and introspective. Despite this somewhat complicated mixture, Diogenes is a stubborn man with a militant morality. He is also able to devote himself to causes that are important to him. Having a strong confidence in him, he does not shrink from any obstacle.
Not very emotional, Diogenes is perfectly capable of controlling his emotions. At the same time, he often finds it difficult to express his feelings despite his passionate side.


Diogo and Diego.

His party :

The party dedicated to people named Diogenes is scheduled for April 6th.

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