Dina Meaning - Birth

Origin of first name:

Short, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

The name Dina has its origins from Hebrew "dayyanah". It literally means "lawsuit", or more precisely "the one for which justice has been done".


Yiddish actress Dina Halpern, American actress Dina Meyer (performing the role of Allison Kelly in the saga "Saw"), Dutch swimmer Dina Senff, supermodel Dina Tersago (elected Miss Belgium in 2001), the Russian singer Dina Garipova (winner of the Russian adaptation of the show The Voice) ...

In the Bible, Dina is the daughter of Leah and Jacob. She was raped by a prince. Mad with rage, his brothers resorted to arms to avenge themselves and exterminate all the inhabitants of the prince's kingdom.

His character :

Her strong character makes Dina an independent woman. It will even be said that she has a strong desire to assert her self-sufficiency. Concerned about her appearance, she is very coquettish. She does not hesitate to buy expensive clothes to make herself beautiful. A materialistic, superficial and egocentric woman, Dina likes to be complimented.

His stubbornness and impulsiveness hurt his personality. Sensitive heart, Dina is easily offended. She gets into a rage as soon as you do not adhere to her opinions.

Just as she can get angry for anything, Dina is not insensitive to small marks of affection. Behind her proud and haughty air, she is a fragile little flower who needs to be cared for. However, she wants her companion to show tolerance and patience towards her person.


Dyna, Dinah, Dinna, Blandine, Blandina.

His party :

People named "Dina" are in the spotlight on March 20th.

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