Dima Name Meaning And Origin

Origin of first name:

Arabs, Slavs

Meaning of the name:

The Arabic term "dima" translates as "tranquility", "cloud announcing rain" or sometimes "fierce warrior".
In Russia and the surrounding countries, "Dima" is most often used as a diminutive of the male first names "Dimitry", "Vadim" or "Avudim".


The multi-faceted artist and activist of Jordanian origin Dima Hourani.
Dima Bawab, the famous Soprano born in Jordan.
The actor and singer Dima Bilan, known to the public for having represented Russia at Eurovision 2006 and 2008.

His character :

Cold in appearance, Dima presents herself as a strange and intriguing person. His discretion envelops him with an aura filled with mystery and secrecy. Showing a certain indifference to the world, this calm woman is elusive even for those around her. This facade hides a reserved person with an uncommon self-control. Because of its slightly cold and detached side, Dima is able to step back from any situation. She thus has a particularly piercing analytical mind as well as an implacable critical sense. His sensitivity often leads him to be a little too cerebral, even cynical, and very difficult to live with. By dint of being carried away by his intellect and intuition, Dima also tends to spend a lot of time introspection, to the detriment of his relationship with his relatives.

As parents, you do not have to worry about little Dima because she has a temperament that allows her to protect herself from the world and others. The hardest task will be to teach him to open up and to trust others. Driven by caution and its distressed side, it is likely to remain continuously on the defensive and close on itself. In the end, it will remain alone, light years away from fulfillment.


Dimah, Dilma and Dilmah.

His party :

No calendar day is allocated to Dima.

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