Name Diego - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Spanish, Italian

Meaning of the name:

Three hypotheses are advanced as to the origin of the name Diego. The first affirms that it comes from the Latin word Didacus derived from ancient Greek didaskein which means to "teach". A second version is based on the fact that it derives from the word ya'agob meaning "that God favors". In the third hypothesis, Diego is considered the Spanish translation of the first name Jacques. You choose !


Famous for his murals, the Mexican painter Diego Rivera (1886-1957), the former Argentine international soccer player Diego Armando Maradona or Diego Maradona, the Brazilian soccer player Diego Costa, the Spanish footballer Diego Lopez ...

So painter or footballer your loulou?

Diego has for patron saint Diego (or Diego) of Alcalá or San Diego. Also called Didace of Segovia, this lay brother of the Franciscan Order was canonized in 1588 by Pope Sixtus V. He was a missionary to the Canaries and performed many miracles, healing the sick and feeding the hungry.

His character :

Pleasant, intelligent and friendly, Diego has a sense of repartee. He knows how to defend his ideas and is destined to trades of commerce by its communicative and charismatic nature. Smiling, he remains optimistic in all circumstances.


Diogo, Santiago, Didace, Diègue

His party :

The Diego are celebrated on November 12th.

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