Dhalila Meaning - Birth

Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

In Hebrew culture, Dhalila, variant of Dalila, means "flirtatious".

Referring to his Hebrew ancestry, Dhalila means "adulated".


No Dhalila celebrates so far. Your princess may be?

Among the celebrities named Dalila, variant of Dhalila, are the Algerian politician Dalila Fourar, Tunisian actress Dalila Meftahi, the Belgian politician Dalila Douifi, the Cuban cyclist Dalila Rodriguez, the Brazilian basketball player Dalila Mello, the French writer Dalila Kerchouche, the French rugbywoman Dalila Boukerma ...

In the Old Testament, Dalila is Samson's wife. Of Philistine descent, she weakens her husband by cutting his hair while he sleeps. Deprived of his strength, Samson was easily captured by the Philistines. The latter tore off his eyes. However, the warrior regained his strength once his hair was pushed back. He managed to destroy the pagan temple before giving up the ghost.

His character :

Dhalila does not lack quality of hearts. She is appreciated for her kindness and generosity. A bit altruistic, she takes the initiative to lend a hand to the disadvantaged. His open-mindedness and sympathy reinforce his kind personality.

Dhalila is also distinguished by its creativity and ambition. Methodical and resourceful, it adapts easily to any new situation. She knows perfectly how to control her emotions in order to ensure the continuity of her activities. Moreover, when Dhalila engages in a project, she shows rigor and can not be diverted from her objectives. His determination will guarantee his success.


Dalila, Delilah, Delilah, Dalilla, Dalhila, Dahlila, Dalilha, Dalilah ...

His party :

People named Dhalila are honored on November 1st.

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