Name Dewitt - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This name of Germanic origin means "white".


Dewitt Clinton is an American politician, former mayor of New York and former governor of the state of New York. He was born on March 2, 1769 and died on February 11, 1828.
Dewitt Jones is an American photographer trained at Dartmouth College. His fabulous career has earned him the Oscar for Best Short Fiction and the Oscar for Best Short Documentary.
Dewitt Peters is an American artist and watercolourist who has been passionate about Haitian art since 1944. He is the founder of the Art Center in Haiti.
Dewitt Godfrey is an American sculptor from Houston, Texas. He is best known for his large steel works installed in public places.

His character :

Dewitt is suspicious. He perceives the outside world as a permanent danger and seeks to protect himself from it. Dewitt particularly fears suffering and disappointment, despite his generosity and open-mindedness. Thus, he instinctively adopts a precautionary attitude, especially in his love life. He constantly wonders about the merits of his feelings and those of his partner. In his life, Dewitt is sensitive to the slightest upheaval, because he does not manage to understand each situation with discernment. The qualities of the native are revealed in other areas of life. On a professional level, he appears as a motivated and tireless worker. He combines his great determination with a touch of creativity. In most cases, he always achieves the desired results when his supervisor assigns him a mission. Dewitt has his own ideals and clings to certain beliefs. He firmly believes in human values ​​and the superiority of man. He will choose a career in the field of occult sciences, dowsing and psychology. Despite some flaws, Dewitt is someone sociable and pleasant to live.


Dewitte, Dee, Dawit, Dodd, Douwe and Dawit.

His party :

There is no date dedicated to the name Dewitt.

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