Name Denovan - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Denovan is the Anglo-Saxon form of the name Donald. It is derived from the Celtic words da and noal which refer to "good" and "Christmas".


Denovan Ekstraal is a baseball player from South Africa. He currently works in the South Western Districts team.

His character :

Denovan has a virility and beauty that rarely goes unnoticed. Aware of his devastating charm, he conquers conquests without providing any effort. This Don Juan rarely refuses the company of women, regardless of their character and appearance. Yet one fine day, a sweet and simple soul will tame the heart of this great seducer and he will turn into a gentle, faithful and loving man. Attentive and always attentive, Denovan is a very good father. Very protective of nature, he can become aggressive when trying to attack his family.

Diligent and meticulous, Denovan demonstrates a great sense of ethics and professional rigor. Despite his penchant for the fairer sex, he will never set his sights on one of his colleagues. Serious and conscientious, he makes the difference between his private life and his professional career. Despite his intelligence and foresight, Denovan does not try to understand everything. This lover of life prefers to live from day to day, letting life surprise him. It is of particular interest for travel, culture and adventure.


Denovane, Denovann and Donovan.

His party :

There is no special day to celebrate Denovan.

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