Name Delphin - Characteristics

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Delphin is derived from the Greek delfis and Latin delphinus meaning "dolphin". This is the male version of the name Delphine.


Delphin Lacroix is ​​a comedian and director of French origin. He shot in a few films, notably in "Ma bonne étoile" and "Bambou".
Delphin Enjolras is a French academic watercolor painter.
The singer and composer of origin chiwa Delfin Quishpe is known for his song entitled "Las torres gemelas".
Saint-Delphin is the first bishop of Bordeaux in the ninth century. He is particularly known for having extended the Christianization of Bordeaux.

His character :

Delphin does not leave anyone indifferent. He naturally draws attention to him by his charisma and lightness. He also stands out for his remarkable patience and joie de vivre. Always smiling, his presence alone is enough to relax the atmosphere.
Volunteer, hard-working and disciplined, Delphin strives to find solutions to its problems and to achieve its objectives. Perfectionist, the word failure is not part of his vocabulary. He has the unfortunate habit of always checking everything several times to make sure nothing has been forgotten.



His party :

The Delphin are honored on December 24 in tribute to Saint-Delphin.

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