Name Deirdre - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

"Deirdre" translates as "pain," "grief," "sad," or sometimes "crying," because of the life of the mythological character bearing that name in the Irish Celtic tradition.


In Celtic mythology, the legend of "Deirdre" belongs to the Ulster Cycle and appears in the "Longes mac nUislenn" (The Exile of the Sons of Usnech). Just before being born, Deirdre uttered a heartbreaking cry and even encouraged the warriors to put themselves on the war foot. This sign heralds a future marked by iron and blood.
Promised to the king since birth, this young girl of great beauty fell in love with her nephew and fled with him. After epic episodes, the king's rage caught her and killed her lover. For spite, she threw herself off a cliff. According to legend, two interwoven pines mark the location of the tombs of lovers to tragic fate.
Mexican actress Deirdre Flynn.
The world-renowned Soprano Deirdre Moynihan.
Deirdre Bolton, reporter and American animator seen on Fox Business Network among others.

His character :

A mysterious and independent woman, Deirdre most often likes to be alone to think and relax, especially when she has a particularly busy social life. His reserved and somewhat suspicious side comes essentially from his shyness. However, from his great prudence emerges an impression of strength. On the other hand, Deirdre is not always very sociable, because this embodiment of loyalty does not take lightly the meaning of the word "friendship". The relatives of this devoted woman can also testify to her reliability as well as her sense of responsibility.

Faced with the difficulties of life, Deirdre manages to remain imperturbable and determined despite his fragile side. It can indeed show a great self-control when it comes to being strong to face the reality. However, she also knows some angry episodes or empty passage. Nevertheless, this complex woman is never let down. She falls, sighs sometimes and gets up immediately. Deirdre is also endowed with a finesse of mind out of the ordinary and a great capacity of listening. This intuitive person thus proves good advice for those around him.


Derdriu, Derdre, Dierdre or Déirdré.

His party :

The Deirdre do not have any holidays for the moment.

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