Name Dave - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Courts, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Dave is a variant of the name David. From the Hebrew "daoud", it means the "beloved of God".


American musician-singer and songwriter Dave Grohl (former drummer of the cult band "Nirvana", currently leader of rock band "Foo Fighters"), American boxer Dave Shade, Canadian ice hockey player Dave Keon, English new wave singer Dave Gahan, artistic director and multi-instrumentalist Dave Pegg, Dutch singer Dave Levenbach, Australian singer Dave Evans (lead singer of the hard-rock band AC / DC), Dutch singer Dave from his real name Wouter Otto Levenbach) ...

His character :

Dave does not lack resources. Energetic and sure of himself, his ambitions are great. He attacks his days with optimism and rigor. He stands out with his vivacity of mind and his boundless energy. With a great sense of responsibility, he does not hesitate to take initiatives. However, he does not like to be under pressure and can become angry if he is jostled.


Davis, David, Davo, Davide, Davi, Daudet, Davud, Davut, Dawid, Divi, Dewi, Davud, Davit and Davy.

His party :

The people named "Dave" are honored on December 29, in tribute to St. David (prophet and second king of Israel).

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