Name Darina - Meaning of origin

Name Darina - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, Persians, Slavs

Meaning of the name:

"Darina" is a name derived from the Persian surname "Darius". Etymologically, this term means "protector", "rich" or "property holder".
Derived from the Slavic word "dar" meaning "gift" or "giving", "Darina" translates as "divine gift" or "heavenly gift" in the different dialects of Eastern Europe (Slovak, Czech, Polish, etc.).
In Celtic languages, "Darina" means "fertile" or sometimes "rich".


The pop music star Darina Márquez Uribe is simply known by her name "Darina" in Mexico. Its title "De corazón a corazón" is the theme of the Mexican telenovela "Velo de novia".
Darina Mifkova, Italian volleyball player of Czech origin.
The Czech model Darina Vanickova.
Irish chef and culinary critic Darina Allen. With her notoriety in the community, she founded the "Ballymaloe Cookery School" in Shanagarry (County Cork, Ireland).

His character :

Inspired by her insatiable thirst for freedom, Darina especially marks the spirits by her undisciplined and reckless side. This impulsive and independent woman shows herself most often unconscious and fearless. She spends most of her time acting without thinking and is rarely concerned about the consequences of her actions. Curious and mischievous, she is the enemy of routine and any form of constraint or rule. She presents herself as a woman who is all-around and adventurous.

Darina continually wants to experience new sensations and discover new horizons. However, his penchant for adventure and the unknown makes his life a messy journey filled with twists and turns. In other words, his impulses inevitably lead to instability or even failure. As parents of little Darina, you must teach him patience, temperance, prudence, perseverance and especially the sense of responsibility. Indeed, she has all the assets to succeed, but her temperament encourages her to lead a life full of meaning and meaningless.


Tarina, Dorina and Drina.

His party :

The Darina have no known feast in the calendar.

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