Name Dara - Meaning of the origin

Origin of first name:

Arameans, Hebrews, Persians

Meaning of the name:

In Hebrew, the name "Dara" evokes compassion and wisdom because of the biblical character with that name. The term translates as "pearl of wisdom" or "wisdom and compassion."
In Cambodia, Thailand and Laos, "Dara" translates from Khmer to "star".
The term "Dara" means "leader" in Punjabi.
In Aramaic, "Dara" translates to "pearl" or "marble".
The name "Dara" means "rich" in Persian.
In Indonesia, "Dara" translates as "girl", "girl" or "virgin".
The term "Dara" means "the beautiful" in Swahili.
The word "Dara" refers to the "oak" in Ireland.


K-pop star Sandara Park is best known for her stage name "Dara". She is also an actress and model.
Dara Torres, Olympic swimming champion. So far, the American is the only swimmer to have participated in five different Olympic Games throughout her career (1984 to 2008).
Actress and Canadian model Dara Tomanovich.
Slovak pop singer Dara Rolins.
"Dara" is a character present in the first "Book of Chronicles" (1 Chronicles, 2: 6) and particularly renowned for her great wisdom.

His character :

Dara usually presents herself as an introverted, reserved and very secretive woman. This timid woman tends to protect herself from the world and others. However, this unsociable person is ultimately slightly elitist. Indeed, she prefers her own company by far to that of mediocre individuals. Brain character, worried, tormented and slightly pessimistic, Dara is most often difficult to live. Nevertheless, in his education, his parents can always count on his perfectionism and his sense of discipline making it very predictable. Above all, she needs affection and tenderness to round off the angles of her incisive temperament. In sum, Dara must feel stimulated and encouraged to avoid putting herself on the defensive against the "oppressors". You will be able to make the most of her and succeed in her education.

Be that as it may, the mistrust inherent in its character allows it to be pragmatic, rational and particularly effective in the business world. His profile is perfect for areas requiring rigor, proactivity and great adaptability. Indeed, the worried and pessimistic side of Dara is more than necessary especially in the financial sector or in other areas based on risk management.


Darrah, Darragh, Darda, Dareen, Daria, Darian, Darice, Darissa, Darra and Darya.

His party :

The Dara are celebrated on October 25th.

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