Name Danny - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Danny is the diminutive of Daniele, a derivative of Daniel. This name is composed of the words "Dan" which means "judge" and "El" which means "God". Etymologically, this first name means "the judgment of God" or "God is my judge".


Danièle Gilbert is a French television host.
Danièle Thompson is a screenwriter of French origin, a dialogist, a director and a writer.
Danièle Watts is an American actress.
Danielle Darrieux was a French actress.
Danielle Campbell is an American actress.
The Danny are celebrated the same day as Saint Daniel. Daniel the Stylite is a monk who made the acquaintance of Simeon the Elder who lived at the top of a column. He decided to follow his example and lived for thirty years on a column.

His character :

Danny is a shy and reserved girl who sometimes lacks self-confidence. Introverted, hypersensitive and emotional, she is always on the hunt for safety and can only truly blossom when she is surrounded by affection. She is also full of imagination and appreciates nature and loneliness.


Danièle, Danielle, Daniela, Danila, Danitza, Danie and Dannie.

His party :

The Danny are celebrated on December 11th.

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