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Meaning of the name:

Very common in the countries of Eastern Europe, the name "Danica" comes from the Old Slavic meaning "morning star".
Because of the Slavic myths describing the goddess "Danika", this name is also translated as "dawn" or "dawn".


In Slavic mythology, the goddess "Danika" appears to mortals as the morning star, visible a few moments before the first light of day. The divinity thus precedes his big sun brother in his daily journey.

The American animator, writer and actress Danica Mae McKellar, seen among others in the series "The Wonder Years" of the ABC channel. She is also known for her books as "Kiss My Math" to encourage the general public and especially girls to love mathematics.

Danica Krstajic, professional tennis player from Montenegro.

Famed NASCAR driver Danica Sue Patrick built her legendary IndyCar Series and Daytona 500. In 2013 she became the first woman to win a pole position at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in a time never before achieved since 1990.

His character :

Smiling, sociable and slightly extroverted, Danica embodies the joy of living and exudes a particularly soothing aura. She loves exchanges and is always looking for new faces. Nevertheless, this charming woman is individualistic, ambitious and obstinate. Thanks to her strong will, Danica is able to overcome all the difficulties of life in order to realize the least of her desires. She never goes back to work and manages to put a lot of effort into realizing her projects. This determined woman represents a valuable ally in the world of work.

Despite her toughness and endurance, Danica also has some character weaknesses related to her emotivity. She knows how to manage her vulnerability once an adult. This insightful, dynamic and attentive woman has all the assets to guide her fellow men. However, she sometimes tends to abuse her charisma to impose her point of view on others. During her childhood, little Danica tends to stand out immediately within the group. Your role as parents is mainly to control his tyrannical impulses. You must instill in him essential values ​​such as sharing, the concession and the importance of the other.


Danika, Danaca, Danicah, Dannica, Donika, Dannika and Donnika.

His party :

No particular day is attributed to the Danica for the moment.

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