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The name Daley has two meanings. The first designates it as derived from an Irish surname "Ó Dálaigh" which means "descendant of Dálach". Daley is also a name derived from Dalaigh which itself comes from Dalach meaning "assembly".


Daley Blind, Dutch footballer, Daley Thompson, British-born athlete, decathlon specialist, Daley Sinkgraven, another Dutch footballer.
What great athlete will become your little one?
There is no patron saint for people with the name Daley.

His character :

Daley is a suspicious boy with character. He is naturally reserved and secretive, but knows how to show passion in the activities that interests him. He has a very changeable character. Sometimes he is introverted, inclined to calm and reflection, and suddenly he becomes extroverted. Daley does not like constraints and likes to enjoy the joys of life. Despite his changing nature, he knows how to be firm and willing. When he makes a decision, it is difficult to change his mind. Very intelligent, Daley has a critical and rational mind, thinking long before acting or making any decision. Once decided, it does not do in the half measure. He is deeply involved, and his motto is "all or nothing".


Dalaigh and Dalach.

His party :

There is no party for people with the first name Daley.

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