Name Cyrine - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Cyrine is a name inspired by an Arabic term meaning "satiated".


Lebanese singer Cyrine Abdelnour, one of the daughters of former Tunisian president Ben Ali, Cyrine Ben Ali.

His character :

Dreamy and generally distracted, Cyrine is full of imagination. Artist in the soul, she shows a particular taste for all artistic forms, because it finds an expression of happiness. His world revolves around a philosophy that everything contains a part of rapture and pleasure. Cyrine is thus very sensitive and knows how to appreciate life in its simplicity. Emotional and sociable, she is easily friendly, even if she is more receptive to those who share the same values.
In her work, Cyrine knows how to be professional and applied. It uses the means at its disposal to achieve its objectives. Ambitious, she works with ardor and efficiency, qualities that allow her to be noticed. Leader and born leader, Cyrine has all the necessary skills to lead a team. She knows how to motivate her employees and get their support in her projects. Its mysterious nature gives it a serene and trustworthy look.
In emotional life, Cyrine is not very demonstrative, although romantic. She is sensitive to the marks of affection while knowing how to respond to the tenderness and the attention brought to her. In search of stability, she seeks a calm partner with the same vision of life as herself. In her role as a mother, Cyrine does her best to instill family values ​​in her children. As a wife, she stands out for her loyalty, loyalty and dedication.


Cyrinne, Chyrine, Quirin and Chirine.

His party :

No party known for the Cyrines.

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