Name Cristobal - Meaning and Origin

Name Cristobal - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:

Spanish, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

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Cristobal is the Hispanic variant of Christopher, himself derived from the Greek term "christophoros" translating as "who bears Christ".


The poet Cristobal de Castillejo, the couturier Cristobal Balanciaga, the navigator Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus), the navigator Cristobal de Oli.

Saint Christopher was a martyr of Asia Minor of the third century. Boss of the travelers, he is often represented as a man carrying a child his shoulders.

His character :

Cristobal is a determined man, ambitious and reckless. He stands out for his self-control and sense of responsibility. Persuasive and not easy to influence, he is distinguished by the confidence he has in his abilities. Methodical, he excels in many areas and puts his heart to work to achieve its objectives. Insightful, Cristobal has a strong intuition and, supplemented by his analytical intelligence, easily crosses obstacles. Motivated by the challenges, he manages to transcend any failure into a new challenge. This dynamism at work opens many doors for him.
In friendship, Cristobal is distinguished by its sincerity, generosity and loyalty. A keen observer, he is a good adviser, while his talent as a diplomat is often solicited in case of conflict.
In private life, Cristobal is sensitive, caring and balanced. Although he seems unemotional, he knows how to be appreciated.


Christobal and Christophe.

His party :

The Cristobal are celebrated on August 21st.

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