Name Bruce - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Celtic brigh and magl, the first name Bruce means "increased strength".


Bruce Lee (famous actor, pioneer in the integration of martial arts professionals in the world of cinema), Bruce Willis (actor and film producer), Bruce Jenner (high level athlete specializing in decathlon), Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen (American singer-songwriter), Bruce Grannec (professional video game player, also known as "Spank" or "The machine"), Bruce Toussaint (TV and radio host) ...

Bruce has for patron saint Brieuc. Having contributed to the creation of Armorica in the fifth century, the monk Brieuc became the patron saint of the manufacturers of wallets, bags and purses. He is also the founder of a monastery in Tréguier during his mission of evangelization in mainland Brittany Brittany. Later, he returned to this region to found another monastery, located in Gouët, which later became the city of Saint-Brieuc.

His character :

Dynamic, virile and authoritarian, the Bruce hides a great sensitivity buried deep inside. Their "risk-all" side is favored by their taste for adventure and change. Showing a deep disgust for injustice, they do not hesitate to defend the weakest.
Although the Bruce can sometimes be a bit proud, they respect their neighbor and know how to find the right words to reassure those who seek their advice.


Brieg, Brieux.

His party :

Bruce is celebrated on May 1st with Saint-Brieuc.

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