Name Bérard - Meaning and origin

Name Bérard - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Bérard is a masculine given name of Germanic origin.

The roots of this first name are ber or beren and hard which means "bear" and "strong". The goth warlords are nicknamed Bérard.


Jacques Bérard, lawyer and French politician (1929-2014).

Berard's patron saint was Bérard, who was bishop of the diocese of Marsi. A devoted priest, he helped the needy and cared for the sick. He was venerated as a saint at his death in 1130. A cult in his honor received the approval of Pope VII towards the nineteenth century.

His character :

Driven by his intuitions, Bérard acts spontaneously in all aspects of his life. He satiates his thirst for discovery and encounters by traveling often. To feel good, he needs human warmth and brotherly love. His brothers and sisters will know that they can always count on him. With a strong personality, he knows how to order and is particularly independent.

Bérard is a sincere boy who does not hesitate to express his feelings or his points of view to help others. His sense of humor and his way of dramatizing situations, even the most difficult ones, make him a good companion. Far from escaping problems, he does not hesitate to help others.


Berardin, Berard and Berardine.

His party :

Bérard is celebrated on November 3rd.

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