Name Avner - Meaning of the Name

Name Avner - Meaning of the Name

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Meaning of the name:

This masculine given name means "the father is a light" or "father of the flame" according to his etymological roots. It derives from the name Abner.


Avner Netanyahu is the son of the Israeli statesman Benyamin Netanyahu, mainly known as Israel's prime minister.
Avner Peres is a French producer of institutional and advertising films, born November 25, 1988 in Paris.

His character :

Avner is very conscientious in his life. He apprehends each event with discernment and without rushing. The native is of an open nature, which allows him to easily communicate with others. It also demonstrates a good control of the rules of behavior in society. In each of his interventions, he particularly avoids saying approximations or banalities. He prefers to weigh his words to be more impactful. On the other hand, Avner has an undeniable natural authority vis-à-vis his entourage. As a group, he easily manages to impose his leadership through his charisma.
Avner has a strong will, which drives him to be very active everyday. He often has great ambitions, but does not necessarily achieve them. His cautious nature often takes over when obstacles multiply in his path. In this case, he prefers to withdraw in order not to take risks and keep the gains. Inwardly, Avner has a relatively complex emotivity marked by a calm and calm temperament. Thus, he always manages to remain lucid, regardless of the circumstances he faces. Part of its strength lies in this unshakable ability to think. Naturally, Avner loves to live a peaceful life in a comfortable setting.


Abner, Abenner and Averrell.

His party :

No holiday day known for Avner.

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