Your child 1-3 years

The soft toy that will follow him in all his adventures!

The soft toy that will follow him in all his adventures!

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Popi is also a stuffed toy! Gentle, your child's favorite little hero follows him in all his adventures

A gift to get closer ... That's it, it's colder! We love this time because, like you, it is an opportunity to stay warm on the couch with children J And get full of hugs!

Your child is eagerly awaiting every month to discover the new adventures of Popi ?

Well, he can now to invent his own stories thanks to the soft toy of his favorite hero.

Popi offers you a soft plush, of 25 cm, of excellent quality, with scratches at the end of the arms to carry it everywhere with you: on the stroller, in the changing bag, at her nanny… .

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Also see all his adventure in the magazine Popi!

The magazine that makes babies talk. Popi, this is the first magazine for toddlers. Imagery, surprises, stories ... Your baby will love to talk! Many nice moments to share with you!

With l'Popi subscription, enjoy an appointment of tenderness with your little one!

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