Name Amanza - Meaning and origin

Name Amanza - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Corsicans, Italians

Meaning of the name:

Name very used in Italy and Corsica, "Amanza" translates as "loved" in Latin.


French singer and television host Amanda Lear, British writer Amanda Harlech, American actress Amanda Seyfried, French writer Amanda Sthers, Canadian artist Manda Parent.

Amanza has for patron saint Amance who was bishop of Como in Italy. He died in 449.

His character :

Amanza is a woman full of kindness and loyalty. These aspects of his personality also appear when it comes to helping his family. Very sociable, she likes being surrounded by friends and remains available for them. It is always with diplomacy that she manages to transmit her ideas. Responsive, she stays tuned to others and corrects her own flaws when she faces criticism.

His family and social life unfolds in perfect harmony, between loyalty and kindness. She always shows great generosity.


Amance, Amanda, Almond, Amandina, Amicia, Amicie, Manda.

His party :

The Amanza are honored on the day of the Sainte Amance on April 8th.

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