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Baby language: B.A.BA

Baby language: B.A.BA

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First areuh, first vocalizations, babbling, first words ... From 0 to 3 years, over the months, your child will acquire the language and communicate better and better with you. Accompany him in his progress!


0-3 months: he already speaks

Speaking with sounds, words, phrases, requires many skills. Your child will acquire them without difficulty during his first years. These first three months, he is already expressing himself in his own way.

What he tells you!

Is it worth talking to him?

Talk to your baby, it happens to you every day! But the conversation often runs short ... What to say to him, with what words and on what tone? And above all, does he understand what you are telling him?

I am talking to him !

First vocalizations

From 4 months, your baby enters a new era of language: vocalizations! A touching moment and full of questions for you, parents. But what does he want to tell you?


Babbling place

Farewell vocalizations, hello babbling! Around 8-10 months, your toddler is no longer satisfied with singing vowels alone, he associates them with a consonant. Hence the endless rosaries of "papapapa" or "babababa".

Too cute !

From 0 to 1 year: how to answer him?

A smile, an "areu!", A first word, a story ... as you learn language, you are the privileged interlocutor of your little one. And he is waiting for answers to progress. Here's how to help him at every step of this great adventure.

We talk to each other!

The alphabet of his language

When will your baby start talking? How words come to children? Our little dico to help you decipher how your apprentice linguist acquires language over the months.

He speaks !

When will he speak?

"Ta" exclaims your child with a smile while pointing to the toy he covets. You find his repertoire still very limited. Yet he is already talking ... in his own way. It's up to you to encourage him.

Each person at his own pace…

Language: how to stimulate it just right

First words, little stories ... as you learn language, you are the privileged interlocutor of your little one. And he is waiting for answers to progress. Here's how to help it from 1 to 3 years old.

A helping hand !

Language: 7 questions to the specialist

Marie-Christine Laznik, psychoanalyst, answers parents' questions concerning the language learning of their children and the problems that can sometimes arise.

7 questions of moms

The decoded baby language

If your baby can not yet express himself in words, he is already perfectly able to communicate with those around him, just with his hands.

Sequence images.

Introduce him to a foreign language

Did you know ? Your toddler is good at languages. He has a very developed ear, an imitating talent and he loves to communicate. Everything to appreciate foreign languages ​​... especially if its learning is done by the exchanges and the game.

Not too small!


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