Name Ada - Meaning and origin

Name Ada - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Ada, derived from Edith, is formed by the words "ed" and "idh" which mean respectively "wealth" and "work".


Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), born Byron, pioneer of computer programming. The first edited algorithm intended to be executed by a machine was found in its notes.
The director and writer Ada Loueilh (Papa Lumière), the artist Ada Loumani, known for her paintings enclosed in blown glass, the Australian actress Ada Nicodemou (Matrix) or Ada Wong, video game character Resident Evil ...

Ada's patron saint is a Benedictine nun in Soissons in the 7th century, who became abbess of Saint-Julien du Pré, at Le Mans.

His character :

Ada is a go-getter. With an iron will, she never changes her mind easily and as a true woman of action, she knows how to train her peers in her project with determination and enthusiasm. Scrupulous and honest, Ada despises frivolity. She needs harmony and is very social.


Hada, Hadda, Alda, Adda, Hadi, Aldo, Hady, Adi, Addy, Haddi, Alde, Adda, Adnette, Adna

His party :

Ada is celebrating December 4th.

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